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Salami: A Cured Sausage With a Rich History

Salami, a delectable cured sausage originating from Italy, has captured the hearts and tastebuds of many worldwide. Whether you prefer it in a sub, on pizza, in a calzone, or just by itself, there’s no wrong way to enjoy this tasty cured meat. In honor of National Salami Day which has passed on September 7th, we’re discussing a bit of history about our favorite food, along with some fun facts!

The Origins of the Name

The name “salami” finds its roots in the Italian word “salumen,” which means “something salted.” This linguistic link is significant since salami’s curing process primarily involves using salt and other seasonings to preserve the meat. 

Traditional Preservation Methods

Before refrigerators, salami was preserved through curing, drying, and careful storage. Preservation began by mixing ground meat with salt and other seasonings. The salt acted as a natural preservative, drawing out moisture from the meat. After the curing stage, the salami was left to air-dry to further reduce moisture content.

Salami was typically hung in cool, well-ventilated areas to help the drying process. After curing and drying, it would be stored in cool cellars or pantries. The end result was a flavorful, well-preserved salami that could be enjoyed over an extended period of time!

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Fun Facts About Our Favorite Food!

  • In certain cultures, salami is believed to bring good luck. In Austria and Hungary, it’s customary to gift a horseshoe-shaped salami to new homeowners to symbolize good fortune and prosperity in their new homes.
  • In 2010, a group of Italian butchers set a Guinness World Record for creating the world’s longest salami, measuring an impressive 13,156 feet (4,010 meters) in length!
  • Salami’s popularity has led to dedicated festivals celebrating this beloved cured sausage. In some regions, these festivals showcase local salami producers, feature salami-themed games, and offer visitors a chance to taste various salami varieties.


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