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The Sweet Story of Whoopie Pies

In the world of sweet treats, especially in New England, few desserts have captured people’s hearts and taste buds quite like whoopie pies. These sweets, often described as a cross between cake and cookie, also boast a rich history and fascinating origins. In honor of this beloved dessert, one of your favorite restaurants, Rizzo’s Roast Beef and Pizza, is here this month to share the history of whoopie pies and what makes them so great!

The Birth of Whoopie Pies

The exact origin of whoopie pies remains a subject of debate to this day, but one of the tales leads us back to the early 20th century in the United States. Legend has it that Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch communities were the first to create these handheld wonders. As the story goes, Amish mothers would use leftover cake batter to make small, portable desserts for their children’s lunchboxes. When the kids discovered the surprise, they would shout, “Whoopie!” – giving birth to the whimsical name we know today.

The Classic Recipe

A traditional whoopie pie consists of two soft, cake-like cookies sandwiching a fluffy, creamy filling. The cookies, typically chocolate but sometimes vanilla or pumpkin-flavored, are made by combining flour, sugar, eggs, and cocoa powder. Baking soda and buttermilk give them a slight rise, resulting in a texture that falls somewhere between cake and cookie. 

The filling is often a mixture of marshmallow fluff, powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla extract. This combination creates a luscious, sweet center that perfectly complements the soft cookies.

Whoopie Pies Across the United States

While Pennsylvania may claim the origins of whoopie pies, these treats have spread far and wide, becoming a cherished dessert throughout the U.S. In New England, particularly Maine, whoopie pies are considered a regional specialty and even hold the title of the official state treat. Local bakeries proudly display an array of flavors, from classic chocolate to inventive options like red velvet, peanut butter, and mint. 

Whoopie pies have also become a staple in community gatherings and celebrations, making their mark in various fundraising events and bake sales. Their versatility and nostalgic appeal ensure that people of all ages continue to savor the joy of biting into this sweet treat!


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