Pizza Shops Are Cracking the Mystery of Caesar Salad

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When it comes to the many options of salads that are available these days, the Caesar salad remains one of the most popular classic choices. Loved by many and served in countless restaurants worldwide, this salad’s fascinating history and unique combination of flavors and ingredients continue to be a hit on countless menus and households. […]

Why Is it Called the Rachel Sandwich?

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Many of us know and love the classic Reuben sandwich. But have you ever heard of its sister sandwich, the Rachel? This month, we’re taking a deep dive into a few theories on how the name came to be!

5 Reasons You Need Late Night Pizza in Your Life

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For several reasons, late nights (or all-nighters) happen! When they do, Rizzo’s Roast Beef & Pizza is here for you. As the number one location for late night pizza in Lowell, Rizzo’s appreciates busy schedules, long days, and random hour cravings.